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Frugal Friday – Dumping Debt

Rachel Anne | Dec 17, 2009

Ya’ll, we had a GREAT bunch of frugal tips last Friday…if you missed it, be sure to check out the comments!  One thing that seemed to be a theme was “getting out of debt.”

Many of us at one time or another swallowed the line that “debt is a way of life” as we pursued more and more stuff.  And many of us have simply drifted along without a plan…only to find ourselves indebted to Mastercard and Visa. Well if this Great Recession, as it’s being called, hasn’t been a wake-up
call to all of us to leave that debt behind, I don’t know what would!

Our own journey out of debt has taken years of perseverance and some major lifestyle changes, which included selling our house and (waah!) driving older cars.  One of the hardest things for me was going without credit cards.  It is still a challenge, especially when there is more month left at the end of the money, not to dream about whipping out the plastic.  But the RELIEF!  It’s huge.

Today we’ve got another Dave “The Man” Ramsey giveaway:

We are giving away Dave Ramsey’s DVD, Dumping Debt: Breaking the Chains of Debt, AND a signed copy of his best-selling book, Total Money Makeover. Woot!

Sound great??  Participating is easy: just share your Get-Out-of Debt tips, your We-Got-Out-of-Debt victories, or your We’re-Digging-Out-of-Debt story!  Today is all about encouraging each other to break free of the bondage of debt.  We want to hear your stories and cheer you on!

Looking forward to your debt-buster comments!

Rachel Anne