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Going Beyond – Oklahoma!

Aug 05, 2010

I have a good feeling about this weekend! I’m headed to Oklahoma for our GB event and there’s something brewing the heavens that I’m just waiting to see manifested in my life and in the lives of those who are attending.

The greatness and grandeur of God has been the theme on display in my personal devotions as of late. The first chapters of 2 Chronicles are rich with the details of King Solomon’s temple – the temple that became the resting place of God’s presence in Jerusalem. The king was fully aware that no one could build a proper house for a God who is “greater than all the other gods” (2:6) and yet he used the very best he had to do just that. 

The Lord saw the purity of his heart, the wholeheartedness of His worship, the passion in His endeavor and the diligence in His obedience – and saw fit to manifest Himself in an earthen building, constructed with human hands. In fact, His display was so overwhelming that the priests couldn’t carry on with the program they had planned (5:14). They were frozen in awestruck wonder at what was taking place.I’m believing God for a bit of that this weekend. The Going Beyond team and the LifeWay team have been planning and preparing for months now. And so have you – there have been last minute errands to run, details to nail down and decisions to make before leaving home and consecrating a weekend to the Lord. I’m believing God to see past our frail humanity and see our passion, diligence and obedience – and see fit to manifest Himself in a special way.I’m hoping that we aren’t all packed in to that sanctuary at The Church at Battle Creek merely because its air conditioning is a refuge from that scorching heat we’ve been enduring lately. But, I pray that it’s ’cause we’re drawn – pulled in by the unseen, glorious and all powerful presence of God, who’s presence is hanging heavy in our midst.Do your work, Lord. Your women in Oklahoma are ready.