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The Grand Gideon Give-a-way WINNER!

May 05, 2013

It’s a bright and sunny Monday morning in Texas. . . not that I’m in Texas right now. Jerry and I are many thousands of feet in the air somewhere in between the USA and the Ukraine. It’s our first time to this particular part of the world so we are looking so forward to it. Where it’ll be a bright, balmy 70 degrees for the entire week. Yippee! And, maybe just maybe, I’ll return from Kiev with that stoic and gorgeous Russian accent that has always sounded so exotic to me.

(Maybe not.)

Hopefully, wherever you are it’s bright and sunny – or gloomy and rainy (which can be equally beautiful and refreshing).

But, no matter where I was this morning, I couldn’t wait to write this post and thank you for participating in our Gideon Giveaway. Seriously, I was so blessed to read about how you were impacted by the Countdown to Gideon posts we’ve given you over the past six weeks. I was also enthralled by the details some of you shared about your simulcast experience. It’s cool to hear about the dynamics of your group as you engaged in the PSL simulcast with us on April 27 or even how some of you did it all by yourself from the kitchen table. Can I be honest? Sometimes, it can be a bit “lonely” for me and the girls in the office. Of course, we have each other so I don’t mean we are literally lonely. . .but when we write blog posts, spend months and months writing a study or host a simulcast event, we often don’t get a chance to hear what is happening on the other side of that camera or how hearts are being affected by the blog posts . . .or the studies . . . or the books. We’re just doing it. . . hoping that someone, somewhere is being blessed a bit by it. So, our eyes light up with pleasure when we get to “meet” a woman – online or in person – who shares with us what the ministry means to them. It’s encouraging. So, thanks for sharing. It’s a pleasure for me to “picture” you in your setting.

From the over one hundred comments you left this past week, we had the hard task of choosing some winners. Shoot, you have no idea how much we would have loved to just mail all of you a copy of the Gideon study and be done with it. Alas, we had to grit our teeth and choose.The first two winners were selected from the entire group of entrees, including those who watched the simulcast. The third one was selected only from the simulcast group.

(drum roll please)

Congratulations to:

1. Jennifer Harris in Jacksonville, FL

2. Wendy Edwards in Allentown, PA

3. Melissa in North Carolina


Please email us at info@goingbeyond.com so that we can get your information and send your Gideon leader’s kit and workbooks!

Bless you richly and I’ll look forward to hearing from ALL OF YOU as you dive into Gideon with me!