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The Great Gideon Giveaway!

Apr 28, 2013

(Yes, I’m a sucker for alliteration.)


I could not have asked for anything more!


I’m so serious.


For months, I’ve spent so much time thinking about, praying about and trying to decide what to wear for the Gideon simulcast event (Oh, vain woman that I am). The 1 day conference also doubled as the launch party for our soon-to-be released Gideon Bible study.  For many months, it was at the forefront of my thoughts. I asked the Lord to make His presence felt and His Word alive with power and clarity to each receptive heart.

Well, He did that and so much more.


I’d barely walked into the sanctuary of the church in Richmond, VA that was serving as the hub of the “command center” for the simulcast and I could sense God’s presence in an incredibly tangible way. From the very first note of worship, the Spirit walked into our midst and did not let up for one single minute.

We were all so glad.

We sensed Him as we sang, and prayed, as we gave cheerfully to the Voice of the Martyrs ministry, then prayed some more before we cracked open the Scriptures and heard God speak to us. Christ was revealed to us and it was beautiful.


I can’t help but believe that God’s pleasure shone on us so palatably at least in part because of the widespread women’s ministry that was happening around the planet on Saturday. While thousands participated in our simulcast, Beth Moore was teaching an arena full of women in Eugene, Oregan and our mutual friends, Christine Caine and Bobbie Houston were hosting another mission oriented conference with nearly 10,000 women in London. Between those two events and the women who were simulcasting with us in from places like Cape Town, Alaska, Japan, Dubai, China and of course these United States, the enemy had to be pretty mad. . . and God amazingly pleased!


Our group had the privilege to pray for the women attending these other events and, because of the wonderful world of technology they were able to play our prayer to the women in Oregon! One of my friends there recorded a small bit of our prayer being played in that arena. Brought tears to my eyes. It’s just a brief clip but I can’t help but share it with you. . .






Only God Himself can cause thousands of hearts in hundreds of different locations across the planet to become knit together for a common purpose and intention.


It was beautiful and if you were involved, I pray that you’ll agree!


Well, sisters, the Gideon Bible study is set to release into bookstores this Wednesday! It’s an exciting day that we’ve looked forward to for nearly two years now. We are praying that this study will be a blessing to you and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.


Many of you have been a part of our “Countdown to Gideon” over the past six weeks, journeying with us to the launch of Gideon. So, we thought a fun way to end our countdown would be to give away several of the Gideon leader kits ($150 value) along with 5 workbooks to go with each one! Just a little gift for you as you launch into your Bible study!


Here’s how you enter to win:


·      Between now and Sunday, May 5th post a comment giving us your name and telling us one thing from the “countdown to Gideon” posts that most stood out to you and why? (Click here to see the “Countdown to Gideon” posts.)

·      We have reserved one prize to be specifically given to someone who was a part of the simulcast. So, if you participated please leave your name and the state from which you viewed the simulcast. Also, tell us if you were with a group or on your own as you watched and what the experience was like for you (just cause I’m dying to know!) and what was the most impactful thing God spoke to you during the event.

·      Come back to the blog on May 6th to see if you’ve won!


So, excited to get this study into your hands! Praying that it will be a blessing in your life.