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Guest Blogger: Lysa TerKeurst | Push Past Mad

Lysa TerKeurst | Nov 15, 2013

I don’t remember the first time I met Lysa TerKeurst. That’s what happens when you have a heart connection with someone – you don’t know exactly when or where or how it happened, it just did.

And it just is.

Lysa is one of those women whose smile and heart for God draw you to her immediately. You want to be her best friend and you are floored when you find out that she’d actually allow you to. She’s open and honest and authentic. Her family and ministry are dedicated to serving the Lord wholeheartedly.

And to top it all off. . she’s funny. Just flat out hysterical.

Every time I hear her speak, I’m falling on the floor laughing as she shares another story from her life as a wife and mom that I can totally relate to.

. . .like the one she’s written for you and me today.



I was spittin’ mad at my man. We had scheduled to watch a movie together but then he got a phone call. A call he had to take.

And instead of being patient and remembering how he had been understanding all the times I’ve gotten phone calls I had to take, I just got mad.

I felt put off.


Less important.

Because this was supposed to be our time together. And I was really looking forward to our time. I wanted to know he was looking forward to our time. That’s one of the most important parts of a date for me – knowing that he is looking forward to it.

But the longer the call lasted, the more I convinced myself he was just doing this movie date with me out of obligation rather than out of a desire to really be with me.

So, when the call went from “it will just be a minute” to over 40 minutes, I shut down and went to bed. Mad. Really mad.

The next day, Art asked if we could try again.

I was still mad. I didn’t want to try again.

Because this wasn’t just about that one phone call and one missed movie. It was about a collection of situations where I’ve gathered up little pebbles of frustration. I carry them around and think it’s no big deal.

Pebbles seem so innocent until they collectively turn into boulders.

And boulders don’t just weigh you down, they wear you out. They don’t just frustrate, they fracture.

That’s why I had to push past mad and talk this through. The scariest place in a marriage isn’t when the talking is hard – it’s when the talking stops.

So, I want to encourage you today… keep talking. Keep connecting. Keep pushing past mad.