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Hair Story

Jan 03, 2011

Hey ya’ll. Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been thinking a bit about hair this morning. It’s a bit silly isn’t
it. . . this whole hair business. I think that if I weren’t in ministry
teaching the Bible, I might just need to start a “Hair Ministry.” What
do you think? Maybe write a book called “Hairy Issues of the Bible.” Or write a song
called “Hair To Jesus I Surrender.” Or maybe have a hair conference
called “Going Beyond the Hair” women’s event. (Why do I feel like you
guys would come to that?)

Silly but interesting. We get more emails and questions about hair than
you can imagine. So, every now and then, in the spirit of the “women’s
ministry” that we are, I think it is only appropriate for me to address

This is good time of year to do it cause hair is on my mind right now.
We are upon the only time of year during which I normally straighten my
hair. It’s cold so I don’t have to worry about sweating it out and the
humidity is all but gone for the next few months. Another thing I have
to think about when I straighten my hair is my exercise routine. I’m a
bit of a jogger and while I don’t sweat on my scalp profusely, all that
outdoor running does affect my hair. And if I’m going to spend 3 hours
letting someone run a hot iron through my strands I want it to last for a
little while. This week, I’m having a small, non-critical foot surgery that
will keep me in the bed for the majority of the next few weeks. PERFECT TIMING!
Not only for my straight hair but also for my writing schedule, which
fell prey to the holiday madness and needs a bit of love and attention.

So, in honor of my once-a-year straight hair experience, I thought we’d
revisit a few of our old hair posts. See the links below and please
respond to them
back here on this updated post with your questions,
concerns or issues with hair.
We were saddened to lose all of the hair
conversation we had before when we updated our blog software so we need
to start again. I know you’ve been looking for answers to some questions,
or have been anxious to tell us your hair story so, here’s your chance.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

In the meantime, whether your hair is twisted or straightened, natural
or relaxed, short or long, blond or jet black – be proud of it! It’s
God-given, and it’s uniquely you.

PS. . . No, I’m not seriously going to have a hair conference.

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