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He Sees Me

Dec 01, 2011

Hey y’all!   

To say it has been a crazy, not-normal week in the GB office is an understatement!  When I was home, I thought I was superwoman.  I let my niece cough in my face incessantly…I kept thinking, “I mean, she’s only 3, her little cough can’t hurt ANYONE!”  Wrong.  I came back to work on Monday hacking and sneezing…with Antrenette rolling as far away as she could in her chair…she didn’t want to get sick!  I’ve been wheezing and sniffy all week. Anywho…onto this morning…

I was reading Job…not a light read, let me tell you!  And I was stuck in 7:17-18, “What is man that you make so much of him, and that You set Your heart on him, visit him every morning and test him every moment?”  Can I tell you how glad this makes my heart?  I am undone that The God of The Universe makes much of me.  That doesn’t seem POSSIBLE!  But OH! How my soul glories in this!  HE lends me HIS attention??  THIS is my worth.  

A little over a year ago, I was a pretty recent transplant on the other side of the ocean.  I didn’t really know ANYONE in Australia.  I had a few friends, but no one who really KNEW me, no one who really SAW me.  I was unseen and alone.  I would go on long runs every day and a deep ache to be known would well up within me.  I remember very distinctly one run.  I had started to run and pray and all of a sudden, it hit me, almost as if He had spoken the words:  God sees me.  He saw me.  I started to run faster, tears welling up and streaming down my face as I prayed to Him, “You see me!  Oh my soul is alive and well, for even if no one else were to think of me, YOU see me!  And YOU are enough.  You are enough.”  He is enough.  I’m not sure where this finds you today.  You could be running around making PB&J to throw in your kid’s lunch box’s or brokering a deal for your company or waiting on a visit from a friend.  But let me speak the words He spoke over me that not-so-lonely day a year ago:  He sees you.  He is enough.  Let your heart be graced with faith today..let it roll over your soul in waves my friend…He is watching and keenly aware of all the ins and outs of your life.  He KNOWS.  He SEES.  He is MOVING.  He CARES. Let us run today, together, that He might be proud of His daughters!  Much love friends!Annettap.s. If you want a GREAT song to worship this thought with today, “The Healer” is AMAZING…the Kari Jobe and the Anthony Evans versions ROCK!!  Worship with me today!!