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Heating Pad Evangelist

Rachel Anne | Apr 21, 2010


I had a problem that I’d tried many times, and many ways, to fix. It seemed like no matter what method I used, my problem never really went away. Oh, sometimes I could temporarily solve it, but it always came back. Frustrated and anguished, I gave up ever finding a solution to my situation.

My problem was cold feet.

Yeah, not the kind that makes a person afraid of commitment . . . THAT would have been an easy one to solve. No, this was really just that: COLD FEET. Specifically, at night. I could not sleep with cold feet, I bothered my sweet husband with them, and suffered with this malady for years. I’d crawl in my bed with chunks of ice for appendages on the end of my legs, hoping they would thaw soon enough for me to get some rest.

Then, a friend mentioned a solution. Priscilla wrote a post about simple pleasures, and said that one of hers was turning on a heating pad to warm her little tootsies at night. I thought about it for awhile before giving it a try. I wasn’t sure that something so simple could be the answer. But finally, in desperation, I pulled out a heating pad that had been reserved for pulled muscles, cramps and stiff necks.

Oh. Mercy. My life has forever been CHANGED, people!

My friend was right. The pervading warmth starts at your feet and goes STRAIGHT TO YOUR SOUL. My feet finished out the winter happy and warm. I no longer fear the dark winter months of frozen dread. I laugh in the face of dipping temperatures and I already look forward to next winter, when I’ll triumph over my cold feet with a click of a switch and a fuzzy pair of socks.

In the past weeks, I’ve become a Heating Pad Evangelist. I tell everyone I know about this secret. Family members, friends, perfect strangers . . . and now, thousands online. Recently, I loitered in the sock department of WalMart, looking for a chance to save some poor soul from the same fate of eternally frozen feet that I’d been rescued from.

You see, someone shared some good news with me. She met my need by giving me an answer I’d been looking for. As a result of my radical, life-changing experience, I now want to tell the whole world about it.

Don’t people realize what they are missing??

It’s made me think about the REAL Good News of salvation. Do I look for ways to work this truth into conversation in the same way that I look for ways to bring up a silly heating pad? I’ve been rescued from a fate far worse than cold feet, through the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ, and I should be shouting it from the housetops!

I want to be a Heating Pad Evangelist for Jesus. He’s changed my life completely, and the least I can do is tell others about Him. He can change theirs, too.


How about you? Have you had a “heating pad” experience that inspires you to share the gospel?