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It’s Hot!

Jul 13, 2011

The summer months are hot in Texas. Seemingly more so this year than ever before. That’s just all there is to it. I promise you, today, I could have fried my morning egg on the pavement outside my kitchen window. I almost tried it. I mean why waste electricity and gas when there is a natural furnace right outside your house?


I’ve never been so grateful for the trees in our backyard as I am during these summer months. While going outside when the thermostat in our car reads “105 degrees” is unthinkable and not our tendency, every now and then the boys can no longer resist outside play and they head out the back door. Granted, they don’t stay out there very long, but the trees allow them a little more reprieve then they’d have otherwise. (You can still cook an egg under there though. Just might be over-easy.)


So, my goal this summer has been to find indoor activities for these boys and I to participate in.


Indoor. Air Conditioned. Cool. Sweat-Free.


So, today, we went to the mall. It’s one of our favorite things to do (apart from the constant nagging to purchase toys). We walk from one end of the other, darting in and out of little stores, stopping for lunch and tossing coins into the water fountain. Our favorite Dallas mall even has a little pond with ducks and turtles in it. This accounts for at least a half-hour of entertainment as well. It’s a fun, simple activity that keeps us busy and out of the local emergency room, unconscious from heat stroke.


I’m wondering what other ideas you might have for indoor summer fun. Other than the obvious – staying home – what other things do you do? Movies? Pump It Up? Chuck E. Cheese?




PS. . . . just giving you a heads up that Friday is going to be a great day to come to the blog. We are going to be starting a great weekly give-a-way opportunity and introducing you to a few concepts that will be life-changing for all of us! You’ll love it.