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Let it Rain

Jan 10, 2011

Notes From My Quiet Time

I’ve been routed from my regularly scheduled program of Bible reading. I was on a journey through 2 Chronicles (and still intend to continue at some point) when my husband decided that we should read through the entire Bible together during 2011. Now, as any of you who are married can attest, when your man decides that there is a Bible reading program that he wants the TWO OF YOU to embark on together, you better abandon your ship and get on his right away. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve been the better for it. While my tendency has been to take one book of the Bible at a time, reading slowly and savoring one or two verses for days on end, this journey is fast-paced and digests chunks of the Bible in a sitting. And while different from my normal pattern of reading, it’s been good. It’s been incredibly interesting to be introduced to parts of the Bible story that I never knew existed. I keep being surprised by the bottomless saga that is the Holy Word of God.

For instance, I never really saw this before: 

“But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground” – Gen: 2:6

This verse caused me to stop in my tracks – and any time that happens, I always ponder what the divine purpose must be for my pause.  Who knew that before there was rain, the Lord had provided another means for the earth to be watered! This internal irrigation system beneath the soil of the planet pulsated with a steady mist that kept the grounds moistened. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. 

And I also didn’t know this:

“No shrub of the field was yet in the earth and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not sent rain upon the earth. . . ” – Gen 2:5

The mist that the earth itself was able to provide was good, but not sufficient. Plant life couldn’t be sustained until rain was sent from heaven. The mist was good, but not as great as the showers. For vegetation to be realized and experienced, God had to send rain.Anytime I’m captured by a passage of Scripture, I fully expect the Holy Spirit to use it to speak to me personally. This moment of Bible reading was no different. I immediately sensed a connection between this story and our lives. Often we think that we can be sustained on what the earth is providing. The “mist” of temporal things that this earth gives is good – nothing wrong with it – and yet life – true life, abundant life – the kind that we were meant to produce and experience all of our days on earth cannot be realized until the rain comes.

Until our thirst is quenched by His refreshing and living waters, we’ll always be lacking. A mere earthly mist will never do.

So, here’s to a holy rain, sister!

I’m praying that you’ll be ever dissatisfied with that which this earth offers, and look upward to find an open heaven ready to pour out its abundance upon you.