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Let’s go to the MOVIES!

Dec 25, 2012

For us in the States, the Christmas season is the start of chilly weather.  I LOVE it.  The cold fronts seem to usher in a sort of ethereal feeling…combine that with a steady chain of Nat King Cole (I agree with Linnae’s list of favs!) crooning Christmas favs and I am ho-ho-hoing with Christmas spirit.  The start of the season always begins with the whole family watching “White Christmas” the day after Thanksgiving.  Usually the girls have been out shopping and the boys have been watching football…but then we all pull on pj’s, grab some treats and nestle in for what I feel like is the start of the holiday season.

Now, when I lived in Australia, on the other side of the hemisphere, the Christmas season was smack-dab in the middle of a heat wave….Christmas equaled summer.  It was quite common to see pictures of Santa in bermuda shorts with a surf board in hand.  Talk about the twilight zone!  So, to get in the Christmas spirit, I did what I did since I was a kid:  pulled on the sweats, popped the popcorn and flipped on “White Christmas”…add in turning the a/c on high and…”Voila!”  I was in the Christmas spirit!

Over the course of the season, there are a few flicks I try to watch at home:  Elf, The Holiday, The Grinch…and I admit, we occasionally delve into Mom’s Netflix account and launch a cheesy flick…

Now in my older years, the day after Christmas is movie day for me and the fam….and this year?  I am crazy to see “Les Miserables.”  Have you seen the trailer?  It’s is such a poignantly stunning picture of redemption!  I.  Can’t.  Wait.  

Ok.  SO.  What are YOUR favorite holiday flicks?  Are you a cheesy Hallmark movie girl?  Do you catch all the classics?  

Also, as I’m with the neice and nephews over the season.  We have our evenings of fort-building and hot cocoa drinking planned…are there any movies I need to watch with them?   

Can’t WAIT to get comfy and watch with y’all…let me in on your favs!

much love,