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Life, Interrupted

Feb 09, 2011

Yesterday, Priscilla chatted with Paige and Pam about everything from hair to life’s interruptions. Did you get a chance to see it? It was a live skype webcast, and I don’t think it’s available for viewing anymore, but it was like having those three in your own living room. I didn’t wear jammies, but I did have slippers on – does that count as comfy??

Many of you have had the opportunity to do the Life, Interrupted Bible study that’s based on the book of Jonah, but you may not know that there is a trade book version of Life, Interrupted that will be released on March 1. This is really exciting because it will be sold in places like WalMart stores, and available to literally millions of people who may never darken the door of a Christian retailer. That means that the message of hope in the midst of confusing interruptions (Divine Interventions!) will be in arm’s reach of people who need it most, and who may never have heard of some woman named Priscilla Shirer.

Look for this cover:

Life Interrupted

You can even pre-buy it here. Even if you’ve done the study, you’ll still love the book because it is different – and easy to read on your own time.

And if you want a great message for today, this video will pick up your spirits and make you look around for God’s amazing interventions.


Love, Rachel Anne