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Lisa Whelchel on “Keeping”

May 16, 2011

A few days ago I wrote a blog post asking for your help with how to keep things that your children make or give to you.  Preserving them for a lifetime can be hard to figure out.  Preserving things from molding, yellowing or decaying takes some careful concern and keeping them in a way that you can easily find in two decades can be hard to master – especially if you are not inclined to organization and detail.

I appreciated all of your wonderful comments and ideas on how I can get better at this in my life. I even got a few text messages and tweets from friends who wanted to give me personal counsel in this area =)

Yesterday, I even got some pictures from one of my closest friends – Lisa Whelchel – who has spent her 20 years of motherhood obviously doing very little OTHER THAN storing her children’s memories! I mean, how in the world could someone be THIS organized and detailed and have time for anything else in life? (lol)

Look at this



Yes, I know! Did the sight make your breath catch? And get this – each of her children has about 20 of those boxes!

Ok . . this level of organization is so admirable to me . . and so foreign to anything that I could ever fathom being capable of pulling off. I thought people who had closets that looked like this were perfectionists and borderline obsessive-compulsive. And yet, I know for a fact that Lisa is none of those things – just a fun-loving, full-of-life, delightful woman who . . . likes to be organized . . .

So, I’m feeling encouraged. If she can do it . . . so can I . . . right?

What do your closets/keepsakes look like?