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Meet Kimberley, Our Newest GB Member

Mar 07, 2011

pWe’d like to introduce the newest member of the Going Beyond team, Kimberley! We’ve asked her to tell us about herself…so without any further ado, here is her darlin’ little self:/p
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pGreetings! I am Kimberley, the newest addition to Going Beyond Ministries. I have known Priscilla since the days of our youth. We both attended a href=”http://www.ocbfchurch.org/” target=”_blank”Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship/a, which is shepherded by her daddy, Tony Evans. My partnering with Going Beyond Ministries has been a long time coming. I traveled with Priscilla a couple of times after she gave birth to her second child, JC, who is now 7, but at that time it was just a mutual desire spoken by both of us that “maybe one day….”brbrPrior to working with Going Beyond Ministries I lived in Delaware as an a href=”http://www.americorps.gov/” target=”_blank”AmeriCorps/a member, living in poverty to better understand the plight of the poor and directing a mentoring program at Kuumba academy in effort to break the cycle and eradicate poverty. Also, I worked for a great missions organization based out of Minnesota called YouthWorks! There we lead youth domestic mission trips. During those summers I lived in Chicago, Nashville and Benton Harbor. Having the opportunity to be a site and area director produced great friendships, but most importantly rekindled a deep love for the Lord and validated that my purpose is to show Christ’s love to ALL I come in contact with…rich or poor, black or white, believer or non-believer. /p
pI then transitioned into working for a href=”http://www.kirkfranklin.com/” target=”_blank”Kirk Franklin/a as an assistant, which was pretty stinkin’ awesome. The Lord totally humbled me and broke me down by making it clear that no ONE is greater than THE ONE…ever! After that, I was a teacher in Dallas for four wonderful years to amazing adolescents…yeah, I said it…AMAZING ADOLESCENTS. I know it may be hard for some of you to believe, especially those of you that work or live with middle schoolers, but it’s true. They are amazing. /p
p(Not only have my professions and passions taken me all over, but so did my childhood and path to college. I was born in Lexington and lived in Seattle, Oakland and Dallas and then spent four years in New Orleans at Dillard University where I received an athletic and academic scholarship…more athletic than academic.)brbr/p
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p style=”text-align: left;”I am a newlywed. God answered my prayers for a God loving, thoughtful
and considerate husband. I was blessed with the full package of what I
needed and wanted in my husband. My husband also came with little
packages (that I call gifts) which whom I have the privilege to love and
mother. (Oh, and how could I forget my first-born Panchito Miguel. He
is my joy…my love…my Chihuahua!)brbrWell that’s about it. I am
thrilled to be a part of this great family and friendships. It is truly a
blessing to be a part of something bigger than myself and to partner
with a ministry that is solid and built upon Truth. God bless!/p
p style=”text-align: left;”Kimberley/p