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New Faces, Random Spaces

Michone' | Feb 20, 2015

So recently I visited a vegan restaurant… Yep, you heard me. VEGAN. Now to some that may not sound like a big deal but for those closest to me, well one of my favorite things is food. Enough said, right? So finding me in a vegan restaurant is a very rare occurrence. It was a cute little spot in uptown Dallas and not very recognizable to the naked eye.

A friend and I walked into the restaurant not really knowing what to expect. I gazed around the room spotting faces of all ages, shades, and shapes. None of course that I recognized. We took our seats and began looking at the menu. Finally the waitress took our order and we got comfortable for an evening of good conversation and interesting food, just the two of us. Little did we know, God had other plans.

As my friend and I sat and talked, discussing different things that we noticed in the restaurant, in walks the cutest couple. The man towering over the woman as they rejected the seat assigned to them and asked to sit by us. “This might be awkward,” I almost said aloud. You see, as I mentioned before, the establishment was very small and if anyone sat beside you well, they might as well had been with you because they were going to be very close. And so they were. We gave a pleasant smile and continued on with our meal and conversation while trying not to appear rude. And then it happened… They commented on our food, changing the course of the entire night. Little did we know, we were sitting beside our brother and sister in Christ and they were bold about expressing their level of love and commitment to the Lord. That small comment catapulted a night full of conversation that entailed ministry, family, food, the future, and so much more. It seems our mouths were wide open the entire time, as they shared the ways in which God was using them in their season and the expectation that they had for the future. How could this happen, how could God know that this faith filled conversation was just what we needed to inspire us. It was a sweet unexpected gift from our Father.Michone Blog - New Faces

Not only did we spend two hours of the night in conversation with this God-sent couple but the next day we joined them for church service. A place filled with almost 70 different nationalities of believers singing to our one great God. What an amazing sight. The chills that filled me are indescribable. The way that this community of believers loved on one another and had such a heart for the lost took my breath away. How could all this come from one random night at a Vegan restaurant.  It didn’t, because it wasn’t one random night. You see sisters, our God is an intentional God, He is sovereign, and He is in the details of our lives. Some would venture to say that my friend and I meeting that couple was happenstance but I know that it was a divine appointment. An answered prayer really, and I am so excited to see what God has planned for this new friendship. This weekend I was so amazed by God’s intentionality in my life. When was the last time Lord surprised you in a random, not so random way? We would love to hear about it!