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Odd Behavior

Priscilla | Feb 07, 2010

I’ve got an odd friend. Her name is Michelle and this past weekend we celebrated her 40th birthday. She’s too nutty, carefree and spontaneous to plan something normal with her girlfriends for a milestone celebration like this one. As is fitting for Michelle, she chose unusual activities to mark her special day.

First we went out to a vegetarian restaurant. Yes, you heard me correctly. They don’t serve meat.

Girl, I know.

I was just as shocked as you are. I’m from Texas; born and raised. Our state song has something to do with big juicy steaks, I think. It’s hard to imagine me in a place like that, isn’t it? What’s so interesting is that my friend is not a vegetarian. She was just drawn to the idea of trying someplace different and breaking out of the box a bit.  Well, if you know me then you know that if there’s one thing I don’t have any problem eating – it’s a tasty piece of meat, and yet this spot didn’t have even one sliver to be ordered.  From the moment we walked into this quaint cafe I’d passed a million times before, I knew it was different – just like my friend. And despite the hesitation of all 10 of us, every morsel of the meat-free entrees was delicious.

After dinner, we packed into our cars and headed to a roller skating rink. For two hours, we rolled around the rink with a bunch of teenagers from the local junior high schools. Grouped together for support, we clung to each other’s hands, jackets; whatever we could to keep from meeting with that hard floor. For some reason, I’d felt like a fairly young woman until I saw those teenagers staring at us with pity, or was it just bewilderment, as they whizzed by on one foot.

Exhausted, we left the rink and drove across town to Michelle’s house. We gathered our sleeping bags and slept on bean bags and the carpet in her living room – that is, after we talked and giggled until 2:45am.

2:45 AM . . . What in the world were we thinking?

The next morning, after we gathered our lazy bones off the floor, I made everyone homemade pancakes, eggs and, you guessed it, BACON. And I made enough to make up for the lack of meat we’d consumed the day before. Everyone thanked me profusely, and then we got dressed and headed out for a ride on a Segway. Maybe you’ve never heard of these things before, but possibly you’ve seen a cop roll passed on one and wondered why officers don’t care to walk anymore like they did in the good ol’ days. Well, now I know why. Who’d ever pass up the chance to have this much fun??

After a quick tutorial, we were on our way for a guided tour through downtown Dallas on our new little gadgets. For an hour or so, we wove our way in and out of streets, laughing and cutting up the whole way.

Odd behavior for women celebrating the forties, huh? And yet so much fun. In fact, unforgettable.

I had to get home after that portion of the celebration but I heard that those who stayed did something that was similar to bungie jumping. (Awww  man, I should have stayed!)

It was a zany and weird weekend that brought a little spark of unusual fun into our otherwise routine existences. I love Michelle and her desire to live life to the hilt – even if it means being a bit odd. We’re all the better for it. There’s nothing like an odd friend and some odd activities to put a skip in your step and smile on your face – especially after you’ve had some bacon for breakfast!

So, have you done anything odd lately? Tell me about it.