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The Ordinary In Between…

Priscilla | Mar 04, 2010


Last weekend was PHENOMENAL. In fact, I’m not sure that word can adequately describe the overwhelming abundance that the Lord poured out upon me at the Going Beyond Event on Friday and Saturday, then the wonderful First Baptist Church of Glenarden on Sunday morning, and Infinity Church with my friends, Aaron and Malita Pankey on Sunday night. Of course, I was completely exhausted and felt unbelievably spent but I was filled to the overflow by the sense of God’s presence being made apparent to Jerry and I throughout every portion of our weekend together.

I came home on Monday and was thrust right back into the regular rhythms of life. We drove straight from the airport to pick up the two older boys from school and the baby from Granny’s house. It was a sweet reunion after three too-long nights and days away from each other. After quick smiles, hugs and kisses, Jerry and I realized that we hadn’t missed one single beat when the two oldest began an argument in the back of the car that I’m sure was exactly what they were fighting about when we’d dropped them off at school on the past Friday morning. Jude started whining and trying to wiggle out of his car seat. It was absolute chaos. Jerry and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. This is our “ordinary in between”.

You see, Monday, we leave for Hillsong Colour Women’s Conference in Australia. It’s an AMAZING event that you should try to get to at least once in your life. The travel is long and the conference itself extensive, but it is worth it. We’ve only done these events every few years since it is not our custom to be away from our children much longer than a couple nights at a time, and then only once or twice a month. But when we do go, we are enthralled by the people of Hillsong Church and the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-denominational event that draws women from over 30 different countries. It will be a delight to once again worship with over 12,000 women from every point on the globe.

And yet . . . the ordinary that is in between last weekend and this coming one is so sweet. The cooking, cleaning, folding, ironing, playing, snuggling, running, jumping and all around juggling act of the sequence of our ordinary days are a treasure to me. So today, as I do laundry with a little help from my sweet little Jude, I’m just relishing in this day, this week that has given me the best gift of all – the ordinary that is in between.

Blessings on your ordinary day!