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Ordinary Life, Extraordinary!

Jan 18, 2012


Ok.  If you’re like me, then every day seems to blur into the next with phone calls and emails and all the many things that make life, well, LIFE!  I’m starting to wonder if that conspiracy theory is true.  You know the one, where all the techie nations’ populations die of radiation from overexposure to our computer screens!  Ha!


But when I stop and turn off my computer screen, silence my phone and release, well, I find I have a Friend who was waiting there all along.  I hate that, that I seem to breeze past Him so many times…The Holy Spirit wants to speak into every part of my every day…


So, I’ve been working on “practicing His Presence.”  Have you heard of this?  Brother Lawrence talks about it in his little book, “Practicing the Presence of God.”  Priscilla talks about this book in her book, “Discerning the Voice of God.”  Both are AMAZING.  Brother Lawrence was a rad, old monk.  He practiced God’s Presence when he was peeling potatoes in the monastary.  PEELING POTATOES!  Yea, not on his knees, not on a walk in the country, not reading Scripture.  He practiced God’s Presence in his everyday, ordinary life.  


As quirky and off-the-wall as I am, I’ve got a pretty ordinary life.  I work and play and dream and maintain.  But my every days all seek a little bit of the extraordinary…they all seek to have God’s Presence.  And when you stack up a bunch of ordinary, God’s-Presence-filled days, you get an extraordinary life.


So, today.  Here’s to the extraordinary life…while doing dishes, converting excel sheets, changing diapers and tearing your hair out from frustration!  While breathing deeply in the deep silences to looking up in the dry times.  Here’s to practicing His Presence…and living a life less ordinary. 


How do YOU live a life less ordinary?