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Aug 23, 2012

I cannot wait for this weekend! I’ve been thinking about the Going Beyond Lewisville Event for quite sometime now; wondering about the eclectic group God will gather together and how He plans to surprise us all with His presence.I’m so looking forward to it.There is a message burning on my heart that I’m eager to share and it’s all about spiritual passion – that raw, fresh, internal fire that can often burn much lower than it should over time. Our hunger for the presence of God, desire to hear a Word from God, eagerness to step into the purposes of God and excitement about gathering with the people of God can become duties instead of the delights they were always intended to be.What causes our passion – the kind we had when we first came to know Him as Savior – to wane and deflate and, more importantly, how can we fix it?That’s the question on the table.I’ll be teaching from Luke 7 where a highfaluting Pharisee and a woman with a bad reputation both meet with Jesus at a dinner party. Both were in close proximity to Jesus but only the woman was noted for her passion for Him.This teaches us a convicting lesson – proximity doesn’t equal passion. Just cause you are doing all the right religious things, with all the right religious people, at all the right religious places doesn’t mean that you are motivated by a sincere love and desire for Jesus Christ.I guess it’s possible to be with Him. . .without really being with Him.Lord, let us love you with our whole heart and mind and strength – FOR REAL. By your Spirit, stir in us a passion that will not quit.You are loved. Have a great weekend!Priscilla