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Perfect “Girlfriend” Gift

Dec 13, 2010

It’s that time of year!I’m a gift fanatic. Of course, it’s nice to receive them but I have much more fun giving them. Finding a creative, personal gift to present to a special person just does something for me. Which is why I am so excited about this little book. 

Company Girl Gift Book

This is such a cute little gift that would be a great stocking stuffer or little surprise to show up in the mailbox unexpectedly at a friend’s house. It’s a book for girlfriends.

My friend, Rachel, (who you’ve gotten to know on this blog) has FINALLY published this book that we’ve been talking about together for years. When her daughters were little they called each other a “company girl.” It was a simple little phrase they used to use for their sweet friendship and the companionship they provided for one another. The phrase stuck. Now, “Company Girls” is the name of women everywhere who have friendships they cherish and do life with.

I’ve got company girls. In fact, I’ve got proof!

Rachel used one of my photos in her little gift book. This is me with some of my life-long company girls.

My Company Girls and Me

I’m buying a bunch of copies to give to my company girls this year. . . .you might like to as well!

Happy gift-giving!Priscilla

(Click here to purchase copies)

PS the “Standard” Shipping option has been taking about a week and should still get here in time for Christmas…even though it shows slower delivery times. Here’s to you and YOUR company girls!