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Pinterest Love

Michone' Taylor | Nov 11, 2014

Fall is officially here and one of my new favorite things is finding fall favorites on Pinterest!! I mean, I could literally sit and scroll different categories for hours and hours for inspiration on things such as fall fashion, fall home decor, fall baking recipes and so much more.

The area that I find myself scrolling through the most nowadays is the fashion category. Brand new outfits, just like any girl, has always made me feel like a new woman! I, however, have also grown to love the idea that I can type in any piece of clothing from my closet into Pinterest’s search engine, like ‘military jacket’ or ‘red pants’, and receive pages worth of pins. Instantly I receive an entire list of fashion ideas that I could use to completely revamp my look without even leaving home or spending a dime. Addicted!

Pinterest Image 1   Pinterest Image 2

This caused me to stop and think of my spiritual life and how it relates to my newfound love. You see, I am so often quick to want a new Word, a new sermon, and more resources to fill my life. But often, God is calling me to look at what He’s already working on in my life. He’s calling me to look at what is already in my spiritual closet and how He is revamping my life with what He has already deposited inside of me.

Do you ever find yourself looking for a fresh Word from God only to find that you may not have completely committed to the work He has already started in your closet of spiritual growth?

A little something to think about today . . .

Happy fall fashion, ladies! Oversized sweaters, scarves, and boots, oh my!