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Podcast Maybe?

Jun 16, 2013

So I’m on a podcast kick.  Usually I sit at my desk with my headphones in and listen to my fav music-of-the-moment.  But earlier this week, my pastor talked on Galatians 5 and that verse “feeding the flesh” really stuck in my spirit.  I want to feed the Spirit of God that lives in me.  I want to live according to His Spirit, not according to my spirit.  So, I decided I should marinate my heart in the Word of God.  

One obvious way to do this?  Podcasting sermons.  I listen to Matt Chandler, John Piper, Bobbie Houston, Ben Stuart (a new fav) and of course my own pastors Todd Wagner and Jonathan Pokluda.  I’m downloading a few Joyce Meyers and Tony Evans’ sermons…and of course, I’ve listened (on repeat!) to all of Priscilla’s CD’s (you can find them HERE…Secrets for Sleepwalkers is WORN OUT in my CD player).   

But even with all these, I’m gonna need to add a few names to this list if I’m going to keep the sermons spinning…and with my Dad being a pastor of a small local church, I have a special affinity to the lesser-known preachers…So, who do YOU listen to?  Do you have a favorite pastor that I need to hear?  My listening tastes (as evidenced above) are as wide and varied as the events we take part in here at GB.  So shoot me a name!  Let us all be encouraged by your local pastor!

Hope your week is starting with FAITH!