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Power of a Team

Apr 04, 2013

Things around our office have been a little bit unconventional these days. We’ve had lots of random projects and details to work through that require a lot of brainstorming and planning. Photoshoots, filming, new projects on the horizon to dream about, etc. I have been observing how we plan and process as a team, and I’m overcome with thankfulness these days for the team that I get to work with on a daily basis. 

Though we are small in number, I feel like we all compliment each other so well. Annetta and I couldn’t be any more opposite in the way that we think and process, but put the two of us together on a project and we sure can get some things done. Priscilla and Jerry are full of brilliant ideas and it is mine and Annetta’s privilege to be able to help in any small way that we can to put some feet to their vision. 

We are all completely opposite, but fully beneficial for one another. 

It’s important to KNOW the people that you work with, or the people that you are with on a daily basis. It’s important to know what makes them tick and what makes them thrive. If you don’t, you are hurting yourself and whatever God has for you in this season of life. It’s important to put the people around you in a place of growth and utilize the way that God made them. Life is about investing in others and we need each other in order to become the best that we can be. 

Today, I honor my team and am so very thankful for each one of them. I hope to see gifts in those around me and push them towards becoming their best. 

Who can you honor in your life today… and how can you honor them?