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Power Was the Story at AWAKEN

Going Beyond Team | Mar 26, 2015

The lines of excited women stretched around the enormous lobby of Concord Church on Tuesday evening. As they waited for the doors to open, the lines turned into giant conversation parties: groups of women, some in matching T-shirts, others in work clothes, like hospital scrubs or business suits, chatting with the ladies around them. All had made an effort to be there on a busy weeknight. All finding a friendly face nearby.

All there for one thing: a powerful word from God.

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The clock inched closer to the time for the doors to open . . . aaaand that’s when the power went out. Power, as in, the electricity. The lights, the air-conditioning, the wi-fi, the sound system, the video screens . . . just GONE. It seems that a transformer nearby had been hit by a car and knocked out the electricity up and down the city block.

No worries. Just 3,500 women, waitin’ on God.

A crew scrambled to set up a temporary speaker system that could be powered by a generator as the doors to the sanctuary opened and the women entered under the dim emergency lights overhead.

“Oh, this is gonna be good,” one of the sweet volunteers from Concord Church told me. “We’ve got all the power we need for tonight. Jesus is here.”

I heard the same sentiment echoing through the seats as they filled. There is something about opposition that turns acquaintances into family, and strengthens the resolve to fight for what God is about to do. The atmosphere was, well, electric.

Just then, the lights came on. A cheer went up from the crowd. Power, indeed.

From the worship led by Anthony Evans, to the prayer time that covered each woman who had a need, to the message from Priscilla . . . the whole event was simply powerful. Every attendee received a GORGEOUSLY designed AWAKEN Bible – a special gift from Priscilla.

Awaken March 24th

Awaken March 24

A “Wide Awake” award was given to one very special woman named Tina. Tina was nominated by her sister because she exemplifies what it means to be a women who is wide awake to the needs of others around her. This award was a surprise to Tina and it was great to see her showered with so much love!


Women generously donated to Dallas Life Foundation, who was the outreach ministry that we highlighted at this gathering. They were blessed with bags and bags of clothing, school supplies and toiletry items for the people they serve in the DFW area. Women generously donated as they came in – AND had the opportunity to sign up and volunteer their time to this great foundation.


AWAKEN happens two to three times each year in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. It’s a gathering that is so dear to Priscilla’s heart, because as she says, “This is my hometown!” Being a part of sisters coming together from every walk of life, every age, every color, every background, and experiencing the love and unity of Christ is nothing short of powerful.

And Tuesday night, POWER was the story.

– The Going Beyond Team

A VERY special “thank you” to Pastor Bryan and Stephanie Carter for opening their home, Concord Church, to allow us all to gather and worship together.

Mark your calendars! Our next AWAKEN event will be July 14th at The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, TX.