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Preschooler Resources

Oct 07, 2010

Yesterday, Priscilla was talking about ways to spend the “preschooler days” and how to incorporate Biblical lessons and Godly principles into their lives. Have you had a chance to read the great suggestions by our commenters? I was so inspired, I was ready to adopt someone’s 2 year old and start singing Jesus songs immediately!

More than anything, the thing that stands out is how ya’ll are making faith just a natural part of daily life. While driving, eating, playing, doing chores, enjoying nature, talking, walking…God is brought into every aspect. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Several of you mentioned specific resources that you use, and we thought we’d highlight those. If you have a special worship CD, book or other resource, feel free to put them into a comment so we can add to the list. If you make your resource a link, it will make it easy to find.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart cd’s by Steve Green

Read N Share Dvd’s

Children’s Bible – wow, too many to link to!

God’s Promises for Girls

God’s Promises for Boys

Have a great weekend everyone, and we look forward to seeing what you add!