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The PSL Simulcast Give-a-way

Dec 04, 2012

I am so excited about something that is happening this coming spring. In fact, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat in joyful anticipation to tell you about it now and invite you to participate in it then!For the past six years, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with LifeWay to bring the Going Beyond Event for women to thousands of sisters across the country. These events have been the highlite of my ministry year. And recently, the LifeWay team decided that the name of the event should be changed to Priscilla Shirer LiveCan I just be honest and tell you that I’m reeling at the thought of having an event named after me? Whether it’s true or not, I have this feeling that you might be giggling at the sound of it just like I did when they threw the idea at me.Oh well. . there it is. . . Priscilla Shirer Live!Let’s just call it PSL from this point on, ok? Takes the pressure off and will make me feel so much better!So here’s the deal. . our April 27th event is a simulcast – which means if you can’t get to us in Richmond, we’ll come to you!  I’m so excited that the event will be broadcasted to churches, small groups and individuals like you! That’s right girlfriend. . . you can have your own personal event in the comfort of your own home. . .on your laptop. . .with your friends . . in your pajamas. . .and your fluffy socks . . .under your favorite blanket. . . in your favorite spot on the sofa . . .with a bowl of icecream in front of you (next to your Bible, of course)So, today, I’d like to give away five free simulcast registrations for the PSL simulcast.In fact, I think it would be cool not only to give you free registration but to include your story in the listening guide that every single attendee will get at that event! It’d be awesome to share your tesitmony with all of our sisters in the Lord. Since I’ll be teaching on Gideon and how God can demonstrate His strength in our weaknesses, hearing about how you’ve seen this demonstrated in your life will be extra special!So, here’s how you enter. Leave a comment to today’s post including your name, email address and 100-200 words explaining how you’ve seen God demonstrate His strength in your weakness. How has He shown you His power? Read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 for inspiration and then let us know!We’ll select five winners and here is what you’ll win!

Free registration of the 2013 PSL simulcast for a small group of 7-14 of your friends!
A Free copy of one of the very first Gideon member books hot off the press
A special section in the PSL simulcast listening guide including YOUR story! We’ll even be including your photograph right along with it!

Can’t wait to hear how you’ve seen God move in you and through you! Your testimony is going to encourage so many others. You have until Sunday, December 9 to enter. We’ll announce a winner on December 10.
Have fun and remember . . .you are fiercely loved today!


*Click here for simulcast information