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Priscilla Shirer | Apr 08, 2014

This past weekend was INCREDIBLE! I was so amazed by God’s grace and favor to a gathering of 50,000 women across the world. If you tuned into the simulcast, then you can probably join me in testifying to the great time we had in prayer, worship and the Word.


Remember to continue to pray for the request you took home from the event. There is another sister somewhere whose miracle is in your hands. Pray boldly for her and for her need. Our committment was to cover it for 7 days (from last Friday to this) but you are welcome to pray for the request as long as you’d like. I’ve honestly had a few that we collected at an event several years ago. They’ve been on my nightstand ever since.

The requests that were texted in during our simulcast are RIGHT HERE. Please look through this list, choose a few requests and offer them up to the Lord. My team and I are holding each of them in our hearts and minds each day.

I also wanted to take time to share the words to the prayer that we spoke over each other at the end of the simulcast. Many of you have tweeted me asking for it. I’m so glad that it encouraged you and I can’t wait to pass it on to you. While these words are not exact, they sure are pretty close!

God is preparing you . . . so surrender the process . . .God is taking you through.
SEPARATE yourself, then watch Him SUSTAIN you, then SHIELD you, and then SURPRISE you. Even when the going gets tough, always make the choice to PRAY IT ANYWAY. Then don’t let pride stop you.


It’s time to move on – from water to oil. . from the natural to the supernatural.
God Spirit is alive and ever increasing in you.

May you see His grace and blessing and goodness alive and expanding in you from this day forward.
IN Jesus Name, AMEN.


Now, tell me which point from Elijah’s story most spoke to YOU?

Can’t wait to hear from you!