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Q & A with Sopha Rush

May 20, 2020

Meet Sopha Rush! I first learned about her from shamelessly snooping around her shockingly organized, color-coded, beautifully curated Instagram page. The images she posts are brimming with all of the things that I’ve since learned (from mutual friends) are symbolic of the beautiful life she creates – simplicity, peace, and most of all, a firm love for her family and the Lord.

She is the founder of Living Deeply Rooted, a ministry dedicated to bringing likeminded women together to build community. She’s a blogger, and she loves to share her experiences in marriage, motherhood, and ministry to encourage others. She has also written a beginner’s guide to intentionally praying, and a journal to guide you through your quiet time!

I know you’ll enjoy this conversation with her and, as always, I encourage you to leave Sopha an uplifting word below!

Have fun!


PS . . . You can also visit her website to read her blog and join her “sisterhood tribe!”

  • If you could describe this season of your life in one word, what word would it be? Why? 

Weird. I think especially with everything going on in this world & being pregnant with my second child, I’m trying to wrap my head around it all. Trying to focus on the things I can control & make the most of it. It’s definitely been a season of transition that’s for sure.

  • In terms of your career, before you knew you would be _______________, you almost . . . 

Before I knew I would be a writer/stay-at-home mom, I wanted to be a missionary. I could see myself in a small village somewhere that wasn’t known to many sharing the gospel & serving God for the rest of my life.

  • In what ways do you ensure that your career path serves the purposes of God and encourages His people? 

To truly understand the why behind everything I do. I ask myself often, is this honoring & glorifying God or my own selfish desires? I check my priorities & see what is leading or trying to take God’s place. That keeps me grounded when ensuring my life is serving the right things.

  • Fill in the blank. I am not a very _____________ person.

I’m not a very patient person when it comes to certain situations.

I’m such a dreamer with such big ideas & goals. So for me, making sure I’m not trying to rush or force anything is a struggle. I want to allow God to go before me in everything, but sometimes I can feel like God is just taking His sweet time. I get antsy & want to take matters in my own hands. The audacity to think God is on my time!

  • Name your biggest strength and your biggest weakness? How has each served you as you’ve fulfilled your purpose?

Strength: I love hard. I am such a people person. I love giving hugs & smiling. You never really know what people are going through so if I can inspire & uplift people by just having a cheerful spirit, it makes me happy. Speaking life into someone brings me joy. Life can be hard for many of us. It doesn’t cost us anything to spread kindness through words. My strength has served in the way that I can relate & connect with individuals. People cling to authenticity & being able to share my story has really helped heal so many lives, including my own.

Weakness: I can find myself being a people pleaser. I really hate disappointing people so I struggle with saying no at times. I’ve grown so much in this area for sure, but I do find myself pleasing others at times when I am in a vulnerable position. I can see clearly my weaknesses, & I am learning the importance of boundaries, but to enforce boundaries has been difficult for me. Now, I aim to stand up for myself and know my capacity.

  • When is the last time you laughed so hard that it hurt? 

I have these moments often. I love laughing & I have the funniest husband and friends!

  • What has been the most difficult season in your life? How did you get through it? 

The most difficult season of my life probably was when I was 12 & was sent away to a children’s home. It was definitely hard as a child to process what was actually happening without dealing with abandonment issues. I struggled with this for a long time, until I truly understood how God was just protecting me from so many things that could have been harmful to me.

  • If you could make three wishes and there were no limitations on what you could request, what would you wish for? 

1. To be debt-free for the rest of my life & many generations after me. 

2. That every single generational curse would be turned into generational blessings. 

3. For unlimited home-cooked meals.

  • If this were your last year on earth, what would you want to spend your time doing?

I would spend my time traveling all over the world with my family. I would want them to explore & experience things I didn’t get to as a child.

  • If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

To slow down & not be so much in a hurry to rush into the next season. In the past, I was so ready to get from one thing to the next that I’m sure I missed out on many opportunities & teachable moments. I should have just enjoyed being where I was without feeling so anxious to start the next chapter like it was a race.

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