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Radical Living

Aug 17, 2011

I’ve become friends with someone recently who has totally challenged me on so many levels. The way we met was something that only God could have pulled off, and ever since then I’ve been so grateful to be able to get to know this person. The more I talk with them, the more I want to know what their relationship with the Lord is like, and the more I want their experiences to become my own. They are one of those people who lives a “radical” lifestyle, and yet I’m not sure that it is really supposed to be that radical after all. It is real, raw and captivating.

I’m not sure if you have ever had the same experience before . . . hearing about someone’s walk with the Lord and how they are experiencing so much power and the REALNESS of God, and it makes you long and yearn for your own life to tell the same story.  

I’ve got to tell you that some of our conversations have kept me up at night, they’ve woken me up early in the morning, and I can write about them for hours. It has caused me to re-evalutate some things that I’ve believed my whole life, and really look at them in light of the scriptures and who God really is. 

And I was just thinking that I’m so grateful that the Lord has brought this person into my life – because I really believe that there is so much purpose for it, and I don’t want to miss it. I’m SO glad that God is so committed to us and our holiness that He brings people into our lives out of the blue to allow us to see Him in ways we might not have otherwise seen. I’m so grateful for the body of Christ – that we all have different experiences with God that are meant to be shared and not kept to ourselves, and are meant to challenge and encourage one another to continue to pursue deep intimacy with Christ. 

Because our journey with Him is exciting, thrilling and always evolving and growing deeper. There is always so much more, and I never want to miss out on anything and everything that God has for my life – and I sure don’t want you to miss out on it either. 

And so I wonder if we all have people like this in our lives? Someone who is just a few steps ahead of us in their relationship with the Lord – perhaps they are more knowledgeable about something you have been studying in the Word, or maybe they have just lived a few more years than you, or maybe you’ve seen their life changed by God, and you just want a little of them to rub off on you.

What is it that you are believeing for? Or what is something you have been studying in the scriptures or working through with God that you just want to see happen in your own life? I think today would be a great day to ask God for a fresh word, confirmation, prayer, email, or encouraging word from a friend to come across our path that confirms His love, realness and hope that He can and wants to bring to our lives. I pray that we would all be people who live radical lives for Christ, so much so that the people we come into contact with are challenged and inspired to go deeper in their own relationship with God.  

From one searching soul to another,