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Relational Intimacy

Oct 14, 2012

I hope that you guys had an amazing weekend. I’m grateful to say that mine was filled with so many things that I love. Friday night we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays that entailed delicious food and perfect company, Saturday my mom was in town and we spent the day with my nieces in Waco and ALSO watched my Ole Miss Rebels win (woohoo!) , and then yesterday church was so very good and then day ended with a music writing session with our worship team. Basically, I have an amazing life!

Our church just started a series called “Relationship Intimacy” and I have been thinking all day about the words that were spoken about how to resolve relational conflict. It seems like we all have currently or have had in the past, or will most certainly have in the future, relational conflict. It is always hard to know how to resolve the issues that we have and how to avoid them. The truth is, they are going to be there when you are living in community and so you can either grow in it or remain stagnant in our relationships. I’m assuming that if you’re visiting this blog you would chose the former rather than the latter. 

One huge takeaway from the teaching is that we have got to approach all relationships with humility. Rather than trying to get our point across or prove that we are wrong, clothing ourselves with humility and learning to respond in a different way is going to cause huge blessings and growth in our lives. 

All of you, clothe yourselves with humility towards one another because God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5

This week I want to charge us to approach our relationships with humility as the focus. Maybe you are dealing with a relational conflict at the moment or perhaps might encounter one this week. Whatever it may be, I’m praying that God will help us learn to respond in a different way – one that brings resolution through us being willing to be more approachable and gentle in our actions. 

Bless you all today!



P.S. I encourage you to listen to the whole sermon if you’d like. You can find it here once it’s posted. 

That’s one of my nieces, Ana. Isn’t she ridiculous cute?!