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Showing Up

Oct 07, 2012

What a week!  We sat under Priscilla’s teaching all last week as she’s been recording her new Bible study, “Gideon: Your Weakness, God’s Strength.”  To say that we are full and tired is an understatement!

As she was teaching this week, I was thinking about all the different pieces that make up Priscilla taping a Bible study:  the set designer, the editor, the camera crew, the producer, even Titia, Priscilla’s long-time  friend who makes sure her makeup is “just so” in the back!  There are a TON of pieces that are self-sacrificing as the week rolls through.  And if ONE of those pieces were to not show up and do it’s work, the entire taping would be in serious trouble!  It makes me think of Romans 12.  Paul talks about different members of a body, and not all the members having the same function.  He goes on to say that “each member belongs to each other” in verse 5.  We belong to each other.  Or, as you might have heard it, “it takes a village.”  What I do effects all the people around me.  If I choose to believe lies about myself and His plan for me today, it will eventually effect those around me.  If I choose to be depressed and stay at home instead of “showing up” for something, it effects those closest to me at first…and eventually those around me.  Others need me, just like I need them.

As an independent individual, it’s hard for me to shoulder ANY responsibility in someone else’s Christian walk.  But, Scripture is clear that how I choose to do life, effects those around me.  I simply can’t afford to be selfish!  I can feel the sanctifying from here!  

So here’s to “showing up” this weekend at your local church…taking part…encouraging those around you to do the same…and loving others well by the way you live!  I’ll seek to do the same!

We’re all headed to the Texas state fair tomorrow…I’m pretty sure we’re gonna eat something FRIED!