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Signs and Wonders

Apr 14, 2011

Quiet Time

I love to see God moving. Whenever He allows me to catch a faint whisper
of His voice or see a slight movement of His handiwork, I’m amazed.  . .
and grateful. So, I am constantly asking the Lord to heighten my
spiritual senses – to direct my spiritual radar – so that it picks up on
His activity in and around me. And I’ll be the first to admit that I
often lose perspective when my day is filled with some of the mundane,
regular activities that any stay-at-home mom’s life entails.

Which is why this verse was so striking to me, and its simple yet profound message cause me to sit up straight in my chair:

Here I am with the children the Lord has given me to be signs and
wonders in Israel from the Lord of
Hosts who dwells on Mount Zion.
” (Isaiah 8:18, HCSB)

My children.

Signs and wonders.

We long to see God’s signs and His wonders in our everyday living. It’s what we often search for and expect to find everywhere except
in these regular ol’ lives of ours. And yet, the prophet Isaiah
redirects our attention and refocuses our gaze on the supernatural
activity that God is performing right before our very eyes. . . yes. . .
with our children.

In the midst of the spiritual apostasy of His beloved nation of Israel
and the pending judgment from Yahweh, Isaiah looks at His own sons and
with hope, declares that they are living, breathing miracles that are a
continued sign of God’s grace, His goodness and His capacity for the
miraculous. Just one look into the faces of His own offspring made Isaiah
catch His breath, not only because of His love for them but because
their existence was proof enough of God’s greatness.

Let’s face it. Some days as we toggle with dishes, laundry and
homeschool activities, we can lose sight of the very thing Isaiah points
out – that the greatest miracle of all is right before us – running
around in diapers, dripping oatmeal on the floor and whining for our
attention. That this little person who the Lord has given us is a sign and
a wonder from the Lord – a reminder to you of everything good that our
God has to offer and a statement to the world about the greatness and
glory of God.

No need to wait for God to give you a miracle, sister.
It’s right in front of your eyes.. . . cuddled up on your knee.

Staying home with a wee one today?