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Single Ladies…Put Your Hands Up!

Aug 08, 2013


Sooo…I’m 28 and single. And that’s absolutely fine. BUT… guys and dating have been on my mind this week. 

 You ever make an impossibly long list of all the things you’re hoping for in THE ONE?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this! 

Have you ever had a list like this?! It’s exhausting.

Granted, this is pretty inflated …but TELL ME you haven’t made your own before. Maybe you made one in an effort to avoid that, ‘Try Before You Buy’ method that’s so popular these days, or maybe just so you could feel like you had a roadmap. 

A high standard is absolutely important, but I’m sure you’ll agree that an impossible list will only leave you frustrated. 

Is he God fearing and wise? 
Honest and good with money? 
Is he building a sound house? 
Does he have a vision for the future? 
Does he respect his parents? Respect YOU? 
Does he value communication and commitment for the long haul?

 This is by no means all you could consider, but funny how that list shrinks. Physical attraction, stature and standing might be important features, but I was reminded this week that I need to be realistic about their place, and not let them drive my motivations.

Just a thought.

Maybe this is the week that you give the nice guy a chance. Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of our eyes…and I’d hate to miss out on my good thing cuz I’m too focused on a fantasy.