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Single Talk Continues

Priscilla | May 17, 2010

Hello Friend,

Ok, if you are married you’ll just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation of some single folks for a bit. It seems that this week has turned into “Singles Week” on the GB blog. So if you are married, don’t tune out, just reflect, relate and offer some insight along the way!

Well, I’m in Miami and last night at dinner, I was with two wonderful women who are affiliated with the fine folks at Broadman Holman Publishing’s Spanish Division. They help to get all of our material into the Spanish language. As we caught up on life, I became completely enthralled with their stories in light of our conversation here on the blog.

Lean in and listen as these two women, one in her 40’s and the other in her 50’s, share a bit of their story.

Unable to view video? Click here: the conversation continues . . . .

Bless you today,

Thank you to every one of you who gave us a thoughtful question to ask some single brothers.  We’re going to pry some answers out of some men, even if we have to take away their remote controls to do it 😉