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Sizzle in Marriage

Oct 17, 2010


I’ve been thinking alot about marriage lately.

Mostly because I am married, and as any married person knows – it requires alot of work and thought if it’s going to be any good. Even more than that, I’ve recently decided to write on the topic a bit. I’m certainly no expert and need all the help I can get. But I’m going to offer what I can. It will be a book that is mostly focused on my part of the deal, being a wife, since trying to say anything useful about being a husband would be a job I wouldn’t try to touch with a 10 foot pole. My hope will be that each section will challenge the reader to make some resolutions that will foster a wonderful home environment in which their family can flourish. In fact, I’ll be calling women to literally make a resolution – a contract of sorts between themselves and God that will transform them and their husbands to begin a transformation of their own.

It’s a work in progress – and will be for quite some time. But in the meantime, I’ve become completely riveted by everything on the topic. So, as I run across interesting things, I’ll try to share them with you. ‘Cause I’m fully expecting that YOU are going to be my co-author – offering stirring illustrations, advice and suggestions from your own relationships.

So, let’s start with this.

Check out this website. www.cwives.com. To be clear: it is for MARRIED COUPLES and is focused on intimacy in marriage. It offers a challenge to wives that is designed to turn up the sizzle in their intimacy. 

SO. . if you can take it. . . take a peek. Fair warning: It’s a bit straight forward on the topic. AND IT SHOULD BE. Our marriages are supposed to be filled with passion, love and intimacy, right?

After you look around on the site, I want to hear from you! Tell me what do you think about this type of ministry for Christian women. What have you done to keep the passion sizzling in your marriage? How can we encourage each other as wives to keep things exciting?

Can’t wait to hear what you’ll offer and . . . . .my husband Jerry can’t either 😉