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Sleeping in Church or Legacy of Faith

Feb 08, 2012

I couldn’t decide the best title to give this post today. This photo, that I took in church on Sunday, lent itself to both options.

Yup. .. I took a photograph in church. . right in the middle of my father’s sermon. He was just about to expound on the nuances of our covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ when I glanced over and caught my second son sound asleep on his grandmother’s shoulder. My mom let him do something that I don’t think she ever would have let me do when I was growing up in church – sleep. But there he was, out like a light. In just a few more moments, I’m certain she would have gathered up her lap scarf and draped it over his shoulders for warmth. But nobody needs to be that cozy while they are slumbering in church.This little moment was so sweet to me. It reminded me of the legacy of faith passed on from one generation to the next. During the sermon, my father told the story of his parents making church attendance a regular part of their lives after their conversion when my father was 10 years old. My parents certainly required the same of me and my siblings and now my children are always seated next to me on this row. . . by their grandmother whose shoulder is a perfect place to crash just in case their grandfather’s preaching isn’t lively enough for them. LOL.Somehow, I know everything is seeping in anyway – into the cracks and crevices of their hearts and souls, transforming them from the inside out. So, I look forward to the day when there will be another photo just like this one of me sitting in church with a grandchild soundly sleeping on my shoulder. It’ll mean that the legacy of faith has continued.Did you grow up in church? What do you remember most about it?Priscilla