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Something New

Nov 06, 2013

I need a new phone. Problem is . . . I don’t want one.

I’m not much of a “new and advanced technology” kind of person. Just hearing about the next-big-thing gives me a headache and makes me want to take a long nap. I’ve only just learned how to use my current phone . . . and computer . . . and the last software update about the same time that Apple decides to invent something that totally antiquates the very thing that I was finally able to wrap my brain around.
Drives me nuts I tell you.

It was only a couple weeks ago that my husband dragged me kicking and screaming into updating the software package onto my 4S phone. I stared down at the new face on the screen, with it’s new sleek updated features, and winced in pain. Now, I’d have to learn something new, adapt to change and pay closer attention to detail in order to use this new alien device effectively.
I’m trying. . .but I’ve still accidentally hung up on more people than I care to mention.

Several phones ago, I dropped my phone and ended up with a crack across the front that splintered into at least a dozen seams. Looked like a wild tree had grown roots on my iPhone. It took me a little while to find a place to fix it for a reasonable price , and during those few searching hours I became totally comfortable with my cracks – adapted to reading text messages between the lines and learned just how to push my buttons with the exact pressure needed to make them respond. It worked for me, so I ended up carrying that scarred phone around for months. I was happy.

Comfortable with my cracks.

Finally, my husband just couldn’t stand it anymore so he confiscated the wounded thing without my knowledge and returned with a smile on his face along with a newly minted phone.

He waited for me to fall into his arms in thanksgiving and knight him the prince of my dreams.

Took me a while to do it.

I had just gotten used to my cracks and strangely. . . I missed them.

Bad relationship. Bad habit. You name it. Sometimes sticking with familiar is just easier than taking the time and energy required to exchange it for something that would be much better for us.

You hanging onto something “cracked” right now? Why has it been difficult for you to let it go?