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Summer Fun

Jun 29, 2011

Hey friends!

I so wish that I had more time to write to you, but it’s been near to
impossible for me to get a second to put words on paper. You’ll
understand why – I’m at summer camp with my whole family. And when I say
“whole family” I sure do mean it. In addition to my own kids and
husband, my parents, siblings and all of their spouses and children are
also on these camp grounds.

So, since my palms are too sweaty to write as much detail as I’d like, I
thought the best way for me to give you a glimpse into my week would be
to show you a few pictures of it.

Please note – I’m not in many of pictures and that’s because I’m the one taking them ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what mama’s do, right?


I was so grateful to have an
air-conditioned and fairly sedentary indoor activity yesterday! Praise
the Lord for Arts & Crafts!!


Pyramid anyone??


Yes! That’s me in the hard hat! A little friendly contest between me and my sister.I won! ๐Ÿ™‚


My sister-in-law Kanika (married to my brother Jonathan. This is her 2nd time on a horse…..the first time was 4 yrs ago.

Boys and their frogs…..and the girls they show them to who don’t really care to see them!


This is what summer is all about!


My mom with my nephew, Joel, relaxing at dinner.


Jerry Jr. doing a little canoeing with a family friend.


My brother Anthony and my husband Jerry getting ready for a trail ride on horseback.


Oh yeah….I rode too!


It’s “Ninja Night”. Notice that there is only 1 person not playing along…


And this is exactly how we all feel at the end of each camp day.


Love from camp, Priscilla