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Take Heart

Feb 17, 2013

Years ago, the Lord did me a big favor and introduced me to a recording artist named Shannon.

A friend surprised me with her CD entitled Faithful God and I immediately fell in love with her amazing voice and ability to lead in worship. Seriously, I played this CD so many times that my whole family was soon singing along to several of the tracks.

We all loved it!


As quick as I could, I ordered 10 of them and sent them out to some close friends. I knew they would be as moved as I was by this woman’s ministry. And they were!


Well, let me tell you, I’m a super happy sister today. Look what I just got in the mail from Shannon herself!!!



She graciously sent one for me and another for a friend. I was grateful but given my track record of hogging as many copies as possible to give away to others, I bravely asked her for more. 


 . . .FOR YOU!


Take Heart is Shannon’s brand new gift to women who want to worship deeply and passionately and she has graciously agreed to give away five copies to some of our blog readers. Girlfriends, I am so happy for you cause you’re going to soon find out what I already know – Shannon Wexelberg’s voice and ministry are INCREDIBLE!


Entering for a chance to win is so easy! You only have to do two things:


1. Tweet or facebook a link to today’s blog so that others can know about this opportunity to win Shannon’s new CD.


2. Leave a comment here telling us how you would use a worship CD like this most often (in your car while running errands, during your quiet time, while you work in the office, etc.)


You have until Thursday, Feb 21st to leave your comments! We’ll post the names of FIVE winners on Friday and the CD will be sent directly to their homes!


Until then, take advantage of this free download of FOUR of Shannon’s songs by clicking here:



Then, listen to her music while you poke around her website! She’s one of my favorites. .. and will soon be one of yours too!