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Talk about Diverse!

Apr 10, 2011

I hope that your weekend was really wonderful. Mine certainly was. I got
to be a part of not one, but two different women’s conferences that were
held this weekend in the Dallas area. First, at the magnificent Gateway
in Southlake and then at Elevate Life Church in Frisco.

Each event was a blessing. The passion for Christ among the women was
palatable. And, I was struck by the uniqueness of each conference. In
fact, seeing the diversity of Christ’s church has been one of the most
impactful opportunities that this ministry affords me.

The Lord seems to make it His business to keep me on my toes, never
allowing me to settle into a complacency or sense of “normalcy” in how I
encounter Him. Of course, He never changes and is always 100%
consistent – but the way He manifests Himself and the style with which He
gives freedom in worship is always a beautiful reminder of how vast His
body is.

I think this might be one of the highlights of ministry.

I wish I could take you with me to church services filled with
hat-wearing, gospel singing, hand-clapping, side-swaying, soulful
African American sisters. You’d never grow tired of participating in
their stirring (and sometimes wonderfully lengthy) renditions. Then I
would grab you by the hand and take you with me to a contemporary,
charasmatic, youthful, “rock and roll” bent service filled with
legging-clad, tunic wearing, flip-flop sporting young women who are sold
out to the Lord and worship Him with their whole hearts. And then, I’d
want to take you to a laid back, “suit and tie” service where the choir
is in traditional robes and the familiar sound of an organ bellows out
from the belly of the sanctuary. These folks are always more reserved –
dignified and quiet. I’ve learned never to take unresponsiveness
personally. Their hearts are engaged just as much as any other.

It’s beautiful. This body of ours. In all of her uniqueness.

And after this weekend, I began wondering about the diversity
represented on our blog. Will you tell us about your church? What’s your
denomination and what makes your local church unique?

I’ll start – I go to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. We’re a
non-denominational church where the style of worship ranges from
traditional to more contemporary, depending on the Sunday. Some folks
(like my mom) still wear full-out “church clothes” every single Sunday
(panty-hose and all) while a younger generation sports jeans. It’s a
great mix where I think everyone feels welcome.

Your turn.