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Thanksgiving Favorites

Nov 24, 2011

The GB Team is scattered all throughout Texas today. Annetta is in San Antonio, Antrenette is in Houston, I am in Austin, and of course the Shirers are home in Dallas. We’ve all been texting each other today wondering how everything is going and missing each other.

I’m filled to the brim as I sit here and write to you all. I had to share with you just a few of my favorites from today

1. Favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal: THE TURKEY. Our turkey was smoked in this thing called The Egg for hours and I’m not kidding, it was the best turkey I have ever had. All the guys are so into this smoker/grill thing. Meat has never tasted so good then when it is smoked in The Egg!

2. Favorite dessert: PECAN PIE. which is really shocking because I don’t even know if I can say that I’ve ever had pecan pie, but this stuff today was incredible! The choices were pumpkin, blueberry, apple, pecan, and an oreo cheesecake. Pecan pie came first with blueberry being a close second. YUMMMMMMMMM.

3. Favorite moment: The Cowboys game and the UT/A&M games were so fun to watch!

What were some of your favorites from today?

Reminder: We will pick back up in the book club next friday.

Here’s to leftovers!