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Trees and Lives

Jan 03, 2012

We live on a little plot of land that I love as much for the quiet two-lane road that it sits on as for the huge trees that stand all around the house. Our home is nestled in a cove of tall and strong, gorgeous trees in the back and front yards. Honestly, these trees are the reason we moved here in the first place. There is lots of shaded space for my three sons to run around and expend some energy before they come back inside. Since the goal of every day of my life is to get these youngins to bed time, wide open space is the best way to wear them out! If the weather is even semi-nice, outside playtime is a demand.
Recently, one of those trees came crashing down after a huge thunderstorm. Gusty winds and torrential rains pounded our neighborhood all night long. It was the kind of storm that was cozy to go to sleep during but difficult to wake up to because the aftermath was unbelievable – limbs were down, power was out and worst of all. . . one of the biggest most wonderful trees was down.
When my family and I went outside to take a closer look we were surprised at what we saw;  inside of this majestic and dignified tree there was tons of decay marked by molded and deadened wood. We couldn’t believe that a tree that had looked so healthy and strong on the outside was really so deteriorated on the inside.
The outside and the inside didn’t match up.
It didn’t have . . .integrity.
This fallen tree has gotten me thinking about the mix-matched insides and outsides of things. It seems that symmetry between the two is a must for any structure – any life – that wants to keep standing for the long haul. I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot lately and I’m asking God to show me if there is anything inside my heart, my mind, my home that doesn’t match up with the person that people see. Symmetry is imperative if I want to run the distance.
What about you? Anything happening behind close doors in your life that is inconsistent with who you profess to be? Are we people of integrity – the same when people are not around as we are when they are nearby?
Structural soundness.
Longevity depends on it.
Proverbs 10:9 – He who walks in integrity walks securely . . .