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WFA Summer | Gospel Nikes of Peace

Abisha | Jul 27, 2015

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Hey, Hey!

I pray you are enjoying our summer series! Personally, I’m ecstatic and nabbing all the rich tidbits to stow away for battle in my invisible war bag because frankly, I’ve had enough of the enemy!

I digress.

Ephesians 6:10-17 clearly indicates that our daily war with Satan is not physical, but spiritual. That means there’s nothing that we can physically do, within our own power, to successfully stop him and his EVIL MINIONS.

Go ahead and laugh.

But that’s what my 11-year-old daughter refers to them as, and honestly friend, that’s how I picture the enemy and his deployment of evil schemes. Just sending out his little evil minions to destroy our lives, kill our dreams, relationships, and whatever else he can get his hands on!

As you can see, I really cannot stand the enemy.

Ok, so how about I just dive in to our armor piece for this week?

The third piece of armor . . . The shoes of preparedness with The Gospel of Peace.

Ephesians 6:15 Says, “Having shod your feet with the READINESS OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE.”

I have to admit, coming to the word PEACE in the middle of a passage solely about the preparedness of spiritual warfare against the schemes of the “dark one,” has always seemed a bit strange to me. I mean honestly, in my mind being prepared against the schemes of the “dark one” meant grabbing all the pieces of my armor under my arms, and frantically running as I attempt to put each piece on improperly while looking back at the enemy to see how much ground He’s gained on me in the process.

But as life continues to happen, The Lord is strategically showing me how to suit up; how to be ready, and running away in fear is in no way part of the plan.


I’m learning that preparing my feet with the gospel of peace means that I need to ADVANCE into territory that the enemy has tried to claim in my life, with the awareness that THERE WILL BE TEMPTATIONS, THERE WILL BE SCHEMES, but He has equipped me to stand firm with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The enemy has many obstacles in store to stop you and I from spreading God’s Word, from fighting with God’s Truth. The goal is to make this so hard, so painful, that we forget just who our Father is, and the victory that we have already obtained through His sacrifice.

Satan hates a witness for Christ.  Hence the battle.

One thing The Lord has made clear to me is that you and I should never forget the message we are to proclaim. Our lives should radiate with this message; it’s not made available to us to simply keep for ourselves. If satan can get you and I from being a testimony in word, works, and deed…he has stifled us from fighting at all.

Preparing my feet with the Gospel of Peace means to make Christ known...

Preparing my feet with the Gospel of Peace means to make Christ known, to confront the enemy’s lies with God’s Truth.  THAT, is how we defeat the enemy.

So friend, let us take off our fancy stilettos or our freshly shined wingtips, and prepare our feet with something more comfortable . . . something you and I can confidently approach the enemy in, and stand firm to proclaim The Gospel.

Let’s lace up our Gospel Nikes of Peace, and let us prepare for war!

Before I go, I want to congratulate McKenzie and DLowe2600 as our winners from last week‘s contest!  They’ve won Priscilla’s latest Bible study – The Armor of God. This study will be available in our online bookstore within the next few weeks. We’ll be sure to let you know!

Armor of God

Until next time friend!


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