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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Priscilla Shirer | Feb 16, 2014

My 2nd son recently decided to join the Children’s Drama Ministry at our church. I balked at the idea at first – not because I don’t like drama or because I didn’t think he’d be good at. Just because I wasn’t sure I wanted to add anything else to our calendar. You know how it is – those few weekly evenings that are unfilled feel like a breath of fresh air, right?

I eventually gave in. Found out that the practices were only bi-monthly and, much to his delight, we became thespians.

Just. Like. That.

Yesterday, was his first production. It was an ode to African American History month and hi-lighted several famous individuals from the past. There was Wilma Rudolph, Fredrick Douglas, Wally Amos, Mae Jemison, Emmitt Smith, Martin Luther King Jr. and. . .

Jerry Jr Drama

Well, that’s Tony Evans. Can’t you see the resemblance? 🙂

I watched my boy spend the last few weeks rehearsing his lines and trying to nail down some specific “Tony Evans” movements to bring life to his monologue. We talked about his grandfather and had a few conversations about the kind of man he is, the way he looks when he talks, the kind of things he talks about and things he likes to do. Then, my son hit the stage (in front of the Sunday school classes) and brought his own grandfather to life – in a “this-is-my-first-time, I’m-a bit-nervous” kind of way.

It was cute.

And it got me thinking.

One day, I’ll may have a grandchild that might sit and ponder my actions and words and decisions. Maybe not to portray my life in a Sunday musical but just as she or he considers their legacy and seeks to chart out their own course. The kind of person I choose to be right now could be a topic of discussion a generation from now. Am I living in a way that is worth remembering and rehashing.

What traditions do I want to leave behind?
What type of faith do I want to instill?
What patterns do I want to set?

Questions like these are the kind I need to be asking myself so that I live a life that my grandchildren can be proud of.

What will your legacy be? What are you doing today to work toward that goal? Post a comment. I’d love to know.

Bless you today,