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What’s For Lunch???

Nov 09, 2011

You cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to having lunch with you today. The most important thing on my menu is going to be a delightful and decadent conversation with YOU! I just know that it is going to be as rich as it always is!It’s been two weeks or more since the last time you and I have had a chance to meet up virtually like this so I’m very anxious for Noon CST. It’ll be a fantastic conversation that we’ll enjoy over our various lunches. Some packed, during the early morning rush, into brown paper bags and lugged to work alongside our briefcases. Others, purchased from a local quickie restaurant near our places of employments. Still others will be pieced together from kid “lunch box” items that we scavenge in our pantry to find (while secretly harboring hopes that our youngin’s nap time coincides with our webcast).No matter where you are or what kind of lunch you are eating, I can’t wait to break bread with you.Unless you are on an all-protein diet right now and believe that bread is acursed.So, what will you be eating during our lunch hour conversation? It’d be fun to know what’s on the menu for you. We, at Going Beyond Ministries, will be eating a sandwich and salad from Panera Bread. Not sure which one I’m going to order yet but you’ll know whether or not it’s good based on how loud I’m smacking into the video microphone :)What’ll be on your plate?Meet you back here in a little while!Priscilla