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Whew, What a Week!

Nov 08, 2010

4:45 pm Monday

I just woke up. . .

I’m serious. I just rolled over and opened my eyes from the most glorious two hour nap; partly because it is the ONLY two hour nap I’ve had in months. It felt good and I’m grateful. My body was begging for it!

It’s been a fast and furious few weeks and this past week was the cherry on top of that busy cake. So, forgive me if you’ve felt a tiny bit neglected, blog family. (Although I can’t imagine you have – since our sweet Rachel has been keeping this little living room of ours so inviting and energized). 

Let me fill you in on what has happened. You are probably aware, from Rachel’s posts last week, that we spent every single day filming for a new Bible study series called, “Seed.” It’s a brand new model of Bible study that is similar to the “Can We Talk” series that we did a couple years ago. 

Well . . . it’s kind of different . . . but a little bit similar . . . but kind of not . . .

Oh . . . never mind. 

The point is that it is a unique video presentation that I’m praying will be a blessing to you when it is released in the Spring. Last week, I taped on the roof tops of buildings, standing on bridges over creeks, in an outdoor shopping mall and even in front of a dance floor while two dancers pranced behind me. The lessons were suited to match the location in which they were shot (marvelously!) by LifeWay’s unbelievably talented media team. They are good with that kind of stuff.

The weather cooperated – kind of . . .

We almost froze to death on those rooftops after the sun went down, and were almost blown off of the pavement by gusty winds in the shopping center, and prayed that God would have mercy on us and cause the rain to stop before our day of outdoor filming (and he did by the way) but other than that, we got everything done and lived to tell about it. (Even when we taped one session for a couple of hours – only to find that nothing we’d taped had been captured and had to rush and “git her done” again before the sun went down) The team was filled with troopers, albeit cold, wet troopers, but troopers indeed.

On Friday, after the last bit of footage had been shot, I jumped right into birthday activities for my oldest son, who turned 8 on Saturday, and hung out with my extended family on Sunday – which has become a “sacred” day for us. Not just because we have church together, but we always plan a full day of festivities on the first Sunday of every month so that we can all stay connected.

Just when I was about to get into my PJ’s and turn in early on Sunday night, my phone rang with my sister-in-law in labor and on her way to the hospital to deliver their much anticipated 2nd baby. (Must have been that dessert we inhaled at Sunday dinner.) So, I was up until the wee hours on Sunday night . . . and gratefully so . . . as all the women in our family got to be in the delivery room to see her push FOUR TIMES and deliver a 9.5 lb baby boy (NO that is not a typo, you read that correctly)- the seventh grandson for my parents, but the first one to carry their last name – “Evans”.

Thus . . . a nap today was mandated but . . . . not before I took my two year old to the “Mommy and Me” music class at a neighborhood church. We go every Monday we can make it, and dance around with other moms and their toddlers.

And, while my body wasn’t quite as energetic and I breathed a sigh of thanksgiving everytime a song required us to sit down on the padded floor, I was so glad I went. ‘Cause a woman I’d only seen on occasion at class stopped me while I was there to tell me that she has a friend who has 8 children and has a hard time feeding them. Their struggle has been a private one but a very real one. Yet, this past week, that friend had met a stranger in from out of town who somehow, through conversation, learned about their need. That stranger went back to her Bible study group 2000 miles away, who was in the throws of Jonah, and decided that their outreach project (the study calls for one) would be to minister to the needs of that family, several states away, on Thanksgiving – providing for their needs in a tangible, practical way.

Made me smile.

A big, lopsided, tired, most wonderful smile! I was stunned to hear it.  . . and grateful!

Every single moment of the exhausting last week was worth it when I heard about one woman’s life being touched like that.

So, I thought I’d thank YOU today, my friend . . . thank you for letting me minister to you. 

It’s my pleasure to serve you.