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While Waiting

Nicole Staples | Oct 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago you may remember me writing about my car woes. I was experiencing car trouble and had taken it to a professional for a check up. Well, after a few (long) days of waiting, I received the highly anticipated phone call with my verdict.

Ms. Staples?


We’ve run multiple tests on your vehicle and . . .

. . . and??

Well, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with your vehicle. What you’re hearing is normal due to the weather changes that we’ve been having lately.

Are you sure we are talking about the same car here?

Yes, ma’am, we are. So, you are free to pick up your vehicle whenever you’re ready!

Uhhh . . . oh . . . okay!?

Well, I hung up the phone to call and text my family and friends with the news. As I shared the report, my feelings weren’t matching their excitement. I was relieved by the news, most certainly, but I was also disappointed in myself. May I be honest? All I could think about was the varying levels of trust I had experienced during it all and how it wasn’t as strong and steady as it could have been.

Let’s rewind to the days leading up to this great news.

Between the time I began experiencing car issues and the good news I had received, it wasn’t easy for me to believe that it would all turn out well. I had a difficult time with waiting in the hallway between my need and His provision. My emotions were in a battle with God’s Word, fighting for space within my thoughts. It wasn’t until I was on the other side, when my need was met and all was resolved, that I realized I could have done better.


So what do you do while you’re in the hallway between your need and His provision?

You wait. You actively wait.

You . . .





And . . .

I prayed, yes, but I found myself in a fit of doubt at times.

I trusted, yes, but my trust wasn’t consistent.

I served, yes, but my mind was always elsewhere.

I praised, yes, but I did a bit of grumbling in between.


But the Lord was gracious with me, as He always is with His children. I’m so thankful for that. I would start off strong, oh I would, but my sense of peace and meter of hope would begin to run low. When it did, He was gentle with reminding me that He was enough. He placed people in my path to walk alongside me and to encourage with their stories of provision; He brought to mind all that He’d done in the past to remind me of His perfect record; He flashed a few neon signs, such as a drawing sitting on the seat of my car, to remind me of His promise to take care of me.

He was persistent with reminding me that He is enough. And frankly, there is no arguing with that fact.

Well, I didn’t do as well as I had imagined this time around but I know that as different trials come, and they will come, my faith and trust will grow stronger each time. And I’ll be sure to share the good news with you as they do!

Is He your “enough” while you are waiting in your hallway?

As we walk this road together, I pray our faith and trust will grow stronger with each challenge that we face.

. . . because He is always enough.

Nicole 🙂