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Why, I’d Be Delighted

Dec 14, 2009

All that talk of misery yesterday made me feel a little sorry for the people who don’t know how my mind works.  You see, I found that my day became simply delightful just because I became aware of how un-miserable things were. Let me explain further so you won’t wonder (much) why Priscilla lets me write on her blog:

First, I discovered an empty Starbucks coffee cup (a tall!) that I brought in from the car to throw away.  Then I realized it was still perfectly good, and I could re-use it as a to-go cup for my homemade morning brew.  Eureka!  Everyone at the stoplights will think I’m really cool because I’ve already “been” to Starbucks on my way to take my son to school!  I made a production of pulling right up to the car next to me and taking a swig while talking on my really awesome cell phone.

I was delighted by my son’s embarrassment.

Secondly, I was delighted to find that I had just enough chocolate chips (in previously opened bags) for the cookies I’d already started, but had neglected to purchase new chocolate chips for.  Oh, heavens above! The joy of finding that last handful of chips tucked back behind the whole wheat flour simply made my day.

Thirdly, a string of Christmas lights, half of which had fizzled, mysteriously resurrected themselves!  Hey, how did that happen??  I still don’t know, but I don’t care.  The garland swag was saved from lameness without an additional trip to Walmart for new lights. HooEEE! Delightful.

And lastly, my dinner spaghetti sauce wasn’t watery. (see item # 16 in yesterday’s list.) See, I’d made a serious miscalculation in the amount of water to swish around the Ragu jar in order to pour every last drop of sauce out, almost ruining a perfect balance of sauce/meat/liquid ratio. But I strategically held off the pasta for a few extra minutes, thereby allowing the sauce to thicken back up to perfection.  Oh, it was a delightful dinner.

And as I read yesterday’s comments about choosing joy, I was delightfully blessed by the beautiful sentiment expressed in them.  It’s so normal, so understandable, for us to be burdened by the busyness and financial stresses of this season. Priscilla and I are right there with you.  But choosing to find pleasure in simple things, treasuring the moments that matter, drinking in the sparkle of lights and stars, listening to footie pajamas scamper off to bed, and even embracing the busy times…these are all things to be savored and enjoyed.  I’m finding that there is blessing, even delight, in being forced to simplify, to cut back, to say “this is enough.”

So we’re asking: What delights await YOU today?