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Will You Continue Praying with Us?

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 24, 2018


For those of you that joined us in prayer last week for the upcoming Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast, thank you.  With the event just a few days away, will you continue to pray with us?

Prayer is a great weapon . . . !

Below are seven prayer points we’ve put together. If you feel led to add any other aspects of the event to your personal prayer time, please do!

_  _  _  _  _


That God will be glorified. This is still our heart’s cry. No matter what happens, planned or unplanned, that this event will bring Him nothing but glory. That His name will be lifted up in a very clear and tangible way across the world.

Traveling mercies for all in attendance. That there be a hedge of protection around each person. For safe traveling conditions for everyone that will be working the event as well as all that will be traveling to attend the event – whether at a local church, coffee house or even a friend’s house.

Priscilla and Anthony.
Continue to lift them up in prayer as they surrender to what God is leading them to do. For the words to say and the songs to sing. May they remain sensitive to His voice throughout the days leading up to the event as well as the day of.

The prayer team. That the Lord will speak directly to each person that will be praying for another. That the Lord will give them the exact words to say for the specific need of each person that requests prayer. That each person will leave their burdens at the alter and walk away feeling God’s presence and peace.

The day of the event. That no one will leave the same way they came. That souls will be saved and lives will be transformed. That hearts will be softened. That any burden a woman may have will be lifted in Jesus’ name. That chains keeping them bound will be completely broken and freedom in Christ will be all-consuming.

The days after the event.  That each woman will walk away from the event feeling spiritually fed . . . and full!! That connections among women will be made and lasting bonds created. That no one leaves feeling left out or alone. That each woman will leave with a strong sense of who she is in Christ.

That the fire will remain. That everything everyone receives through worship and the Word will remain strong in their hearts as they move throughout their community and continue God’s work.


_  _  _  _  _


Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! We can’t wait to share what God will do during this simulcast!

By the way, this event is open to anyone interested in joining in. It doesn’t matter if you live in Paris, Texas or Paris France! If you’d like to find out more information about the Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast, visit our blog here.

The Going Beyond Team