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Wintry Mix

Michone' | Mar 06, 2015

Snow today . . . gone tomorrow. The last few days here in Dallas have been absolutely unpredictable. I mean have you seen the forecast? A wintry mix! What does that even mean? Snow, sleet, ice, sunshine, you name it, Dallas has had it. We haven’t known whether to grab an umbrella or snow boots and a shovel.

Last Friday Nicole and I had the opportunity to play in the snow and even had the chance to build a new friend. His name was Sam. Got a few great photo ops in and of course got some work done. We have enjoyed the rare occurrence of the white fluffy substance falling from the sky, but as it grows more consistent, I begin to hear my fellow Texans screaming for the sunshine.

Sam the Snowman         Michone' in snow

Here in Texas we get about two good weeks of spring weather and then we are on to the summer heat. As we are waiting for this time to come, I am reminded to embrace today. Embrace the slush, the cold, the wet, and the ice, because soon enough the sun and summer will come and we will be screaming for the fall. I am learning through this weather that it is all a gift. It may seem like a hindrance to our day-to-day task and it may even seem like a nuisance, but through a friends prayer I was reminded that even cold, wet, sticky days are God’s gift to His creation.

From day-to-day I am learning to embrace the now. This weather has not only given us a new activity in building snowmen, but it also gives  quality time with our families on the days that we are iced in, fires blazing in the fireplace in March, or simply playing card games at the kitchen table. So to all those out there in Texas let’s enjoy today and embrace tomorrow, sunny or gloomy it’s still a gift!

Stay warm and dry!